How does it work?

The G-Spot Amplification is an injection that increases the size and thickness of your G-Spot, the erogenous zone in the vagina. The injection consists of hyaluronic acid, which mimics the  natural hyaluronic acid in  your body and is similar to the injections that are used to plump the lips and smooth wrinkles. The G-Spot Amplification allows many women deeper and more intense vaginal orgasms as well as allowing you to have faster orgasms and with more ease.  For women who have only experienced clitoral orgasms or have not orgasmed it may increase the likelihood of vaginal orgasm and sometimes even clitoral orgasm. Results are highly variable and G Spot Amplification does not help some women.  Orgasms can be affected by many variables including psychological inhibitions. 

Read what our REAL patients have to say:

"I chose to have the g-spot magnification due to inability to have an orgasm.  I have had orgasms in the past. We did the g spot and did some around the “outside” to help it feel “tighter”.   The pain of the procedure was about a 1 of 10 and the procedure was quick, about 15 minutes. I had no downtime and had intimacy that evening.  My husband was very pleased and I love it.  I was able to reach my desired outcome and would repeat this procedure.  We have decided to go ahead with the vaginal tightening laser as well, since I am now in my 40’s and have had several children,  I feel like I want to get some rejuvenation as well. "

- Barb C.   40’s