Luxe's Gold Membership

Do you love coming to see us? If you’re a regular customer, or if you are committed to Glowing Up this year, it makes sense for you to start saving on all of your treatments. 

Plus, it never hurts to take advantage of some awesome bonus perks while you’re at it.

Join our Gold Membership! 

What’s on the menu?


Our Gold members get Botox for just $9/unit! 

Botox can do it all, in addition to relaxing wrinkles!⁠ 

Wrinkles are caused by repeated facial expressions that cause the skin to permanently fold and crease. Botox treats lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying facial muscles. When your muscles can no longer contract in that way, the wrinkled skin has the chance to smooth over. 

Plus, Botox is also an amazing treatment for migraines and excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis! When treating migraines, Botox paralyzes the nerves responsible for sending the pain signals that cause headaches. It works similarly when treating hyperhidrosis — it blocks the nerves responsible for activating sweat glands. 


Gold members receive $50 off their first syringe of filler!

Most people likely associate filler with lip injections, for good reason. It’s excellent for adding volume to the lips to create a picture-perfect pout, but also has other uses. 

Filler is commonly used to improve the look of skin laxity and hollowness that occurs during the aging process. With a bit of filler added to the temples, cheeks, hands, or under eyes, the skin looks fuller and the years seem to melt away! 


Our Gold members get $10 off facials! 

We offer several different kinds of facials, including:

  • A custom Luxe Signature Facial, which evens skin tone, provides firming hydration, and lymphatic facial contouring massage gives the skin a tightened, youthful, and lifted appearance.
  • A Gua-Sha Contouring Facial, a massage that directly affects the connective tissue and muscles to help untangle and iron out the fascia that is bound with tension and traps accumulated wastes from stressors of daily life.
  • The Clear Skin Facial, which includes a deep pore cleansing that treats acne, breakouts, and blackheads. Blue light therapy is often included in this facial.

We also offer the Diamond Glow facial, a back facial, and more!

Other perks include:

  • 15% off one skincare product per month
  • A free monthly CoolTone maintenance session, for muscle toning and body sculpting
  • A complimentary birthday gift when you come see us

Plus, whenever our Gold members refer a friend, you both receive 32% off their treatments! 

Buy your membership for a monthly payment of $25, or save $60 when you buy a yearlong membership for $240!